Community Mothers: My Wish For Every Mother

A white-tailed deer fawn gets cleaned up before bedding down on his first day of life.

“We are all born of love. Love is our mother.” ~ Rumi

My Wish For Every Mother Is ..

.. That you will be always be appreciated and respected for — and not for just one day each year — the perpetual education and life experience you offer our young people as they grow into adults. Some of us adults continue to learn from you, too!

Teaching Sewing Skills
Grandma and Angie

Building Puzzles Together
Mammaw and Ginny

.. That you should never have to know how it feels to have your newborn child taken from you without your consent or forcibly separated from you at birth. It is a pain too great to have to bear.

The Bond Is Strong
A ‘Dairy’ Cow and Calf
Photo credit: Wikipedia

.. That you get to enjoy the new and beautiful relationship with your child from birth until you are ready for her to be on her own, that you get to bring her up in the manner in which you instinctively know what is best for you both. This relationship is not exclusive to humans.

Baby Hiccup’s Birthday!
Siobahn Cleans Him Up

.. That you are able to nurse your newborn child with your own milk from your breast, teat, or udder in the way that you are already equipped to do so, until the time you feel he is strong enough, old enough to eat on his own. Your milk is meant for your baby — not for cheese, butter, or iced cream made by (and for) us.

Baby Hiccup Drinks Up
One Week Old

.. That your natural spaces remain intact for you to bring up your offspring in the way that is necessary for you to further your own species into the future. We all make Earth a more beautiful place, and we respect and appreciate your place in it.

Monarch Chrysalis/Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

Baby Sliders!

Left To Instincts By Mom
Baby Red-eared Sliders

Great Egret

Fuzzy-headed Chicks
Great Egret

.. That all of you — collectively — continue to be ‘other mothers’ for my children, filling in the voids, taking up any slack, or giving them educational extensions wherever required. I would be less of a mother without you.

The Other Mother

My ‘Other Mother’
Miss Betty and I

Natalie, the Other Mother

My Kids’ ‘Other Mother’
Natalie with John, Angie, Ginny

It takes a community of mothers to make life happen.
Thank you, all.

Happy Mother’s Day!

14 thoughts on “Community Mothers: My Wish For Every Mother

  1. Awe, I have read this just after reading about the whale carrying her baby on her back near Canada! 😞 It’s a beautiful thing, I’ve just said bye to mine for the weekend and it is hard. X


    1. Thank you Donna. Few people make the connection between cruelty of mothers (and their children) and the glass of milk they’re drinking. It’s the slavery of our time.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful mommy pics Shannon! I took a picture of a brand new fawn maybe an hour old in my yard a little while ago! She was awesome! I have never been that close to a newborn. We have about 60 deer in our subdivision and every year we are blessed with babies all over the place! It is so fun to see. A lot of twins are born too. My neighbors take very good care of them and they are fed well…. hence the twins. But it was so cool getting close enough to take a photo this afternoon!! K~


    1. Oh thank you, Courtney. Isn’t it wonderful to be given the privilege to watch wildlife do their thing? I’ll never comprehend how we can love some mothers and exploit so many others .. not even to stop for Mother’s Day.

      I don’t know if you have children, and if you do, I hope your Mother’s Day was splendid!


      1. I will do that! I will do a post today! Great idea! I do have a 30 yr old daughter who lives in Nashville with her hubby. It was a very nice day. I hope yours was as well. 💜💜


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