Welcome Baby Turtles

Three of the nine turtles began emerging from their eggs July 6, right on schedule 66 days from laying.

The first one to hatch was #7, and the kids name it ‘Finn’ since that’s the first part of it we saw.

Stinking Cutie!

Pretty soon, several other embryos were visibly on their way to turtle-hood.

An umbilicus on each will buy several days’ survival until they find a more permanent habitat — our creek in the back where Mama lives.

#5’s yolk sac is quite visible in the sunlight, #6 has the prettiest shell pattern, and #7 remains wary of its temporary captors.

Please pardon any typos as this post was hastily composed and delivered without the aid of a desktop from the comfort of the back porch swing. Still outside!!

9 thoughts on “Welcome Baby Turtles

  1. Lovely turtles! I fell in love with my ex-husband when we went for a turtle walk (to get the hatchlings out of hatchery and release them into the sea, safely). I used to tell him that he went for a turtle walk and found his turtle dove!! What turtles are these?


    1. Aw, that’s a great memory to have. These turtles are a common kind here along fresh water along The Gulf: red-eared slider. We will release to he creek tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your experience, IsyLLiS!

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    1. I love it! Beats the summer doldrums and all nine are well and swimming now, to be released to the wild tomorrow. Nice to see you, Jet, and I hope you are enjoying your summer too.

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