Turtle Portraits…One Last Post

Before we released the turtles into the creek, I had to take a few photos with the camera, not the iPhone. A phone camera is great for quickies and convenience, but the quality suffers.

Finn — the first one to hatch — was the most trusting of human presence, even three days later when the ninth ditched his egg home and joined the water habitat. We handled them minimally as to help nurture their natural wildness and desire to ‘swim away!’

Finn, a/k/a #7

Temporary Habitat
Creek Water, Vegetation, and Hiding Spots

The boys missed the entire hatching experience as they were away visiting their cousin. Upon their return, all of the turtle yolk sacs were minimal to non-existent, so a sprinkling of dried blood worms (mosquito larva) borrowed from the carnivorous plant family gave a few of them nice full tummies before being left to the wilds of the creek.

We waited a little longer to release so all four kids could see them off. It may be a while before we get to go through the process again.

Upon release, as expected, the little half-dollar sized turtles scurried directly and purposely toward their permanent water source from up upon the dry creek bank. They are wired to know what to do, where to go. So let’s let them.

In case you missed the saga:

Live long and prosper, Little Turtles!

13 thoughts on “Turtle Portraits…One Last Post

    1. It brings me pleasure to share nature with you! You will see a lot of the nature here as we learn about our world. Dirt and kids. Pretty simple! Thanks for coming by, Paula.


    1. It’s been a baby year for us! The turtles were fun, but it’s the fawns and cardinals we’re enjoying daily now. What I would give to see woodpeckers come up like you have.

      Always something awesome going on here, even if I’m not writing about it. Hope you’re having a great summer, Myriam!


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