How To: Stealing, Hoarding and Making Soil

The phrase "working mother" is redundant."  ~ Jane Sellman ♥ Being a mother of four brings any self-respect I have down a few notches. There's practically nothing I won't do when it comes to caring for my kids (think all things excrement or hygiene), and I surprise even myself at just what passes muster with … Continue reading How To: Stealing, Hoarding and Making Soil

Pumpkin Carving, Fall Garden Bloom

Nothing like a bit of cool weather to get us feeling like autumn again. Finally. Many of the trees on our property still cling to their leaves; no fall colors to see here unless you're counting mums and pansies. Our life, as usual this time of year, is fraught with activity. With the 1st-Nine-Week period … Continue reading Pumpkin Carving, Fall Garden Bloom

Alien Grub, Cushaw Stretches Its Arms

Oh my gosh, what a great morning!  It's about dang time, too. The bus schedule has been reliable three days straight.  Kids are in the swing of it, getting themselves ready with minimal effort on my part.  It's all about to change - the main road exiting our neighborhood will be closed temporarily for construction … Continue reading Alien Grub, Cushaw Stretches Its Arms