Iron Man and Christmas Trees

∞ It's safe to say we are quite settled into the house now, evidenced by the mere 2-3 boxes left in the dining room -- versus the 20-30 -- to unpack/put away/give away. The Christmas tree just went up, marking the (late) beginning of the end of what was an amazing year. The 15-yr-old artificial will … Continue reading Iron Man and Christmas Trees

How To: Stealing, Hoarding and Making Soil

The phrase "working mother" is redundant."  ~ Jane Sellman ♥ Being a mother of four brings any self-respect I have down a few notches. There's practically nothing I won't do when it comes to caring for my kids (think all things excrement or hygiene), and I surprise even myself at just what passes muster with … Continue reading How To: Stealing, Hoarding and Making Soil

Stealing Trash – A New High

∞ Waste is rampant in America. It's a problem, I believe, of abundance coupled with busy-ness, resulting in big, big piles of trash. One day, we may be mining those landfills; natural resources are being used up faster than they can replenish. Some people are trash renegades. They not only do their part, but they … Continue reading Stealing Trash – A New High