Hummers, High Island, and High Hopes

"This could all be yours someday."  ~ Guster * Little did we know what Christmas would spark.  When Scottie came in to tell me, There is a Rufous in our tree, I brushed him off in usual fashion.  I thought he probably just wishes there was one, much like the wood stork he talks about could be in our creek … Continue reading Hummers, High Island, and High Hopes

Alien Grub, Cushaw Stretches Its Arms

Oh my gosh, what a great morning!  It's about dang time, too. The bus schedule has been reliable three days straight.  Kids are in the swing of it, getting themselves ready with minimal effort on my part.  It's all about to change - the main road exiting our neighborhood will be closed temporarily for construction … Continue reading Alien Grub, Cushaw Stretches Its Arms

Hummingbirds Tank Up (Video!)

"Like the hummingbird sipping nectar from every flower, I fly joyfully through my days, seeing beauty in everything." ~ Amethyst Wyldfyre ♥ The severe drought of 2011 brought Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in record numbers to our backyard feeders in the fall. Flowers all year were scarce, so in order to get their little tanks full for their … Continue reading Hummingbirds Tank Up (Video!)