Off To The Coast!

"Jump into the middle of things, get your hands dirty, fall flat on your face...then reach for the stars." ~ Ben Stein ∞ It's difficult to believe that it's been three months since the last time we visited the coast. Being only an hour's drive from either Galveston Beach via I-45 or Surfside Beach via … Continue reading Off To The Coast!

Winter Residents Arrive To What Remains

An aerial of our property is featured with photos of winter arrivals (birds) here. Purposeful plans for conservation in our own backyard help to counter the sadness of 'slash and burn' removal of acres upon acres of raw woods to make way for more human infrastructure.

Live. Bird. Recharge. Repeat.

Back from vacation! Some mountain photos and feathered beauties for you to feast your eyes. The American Dipper...finally. A longish (1,000 words) post with lots of photos. Come have a look!